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About Us

We’re Mark and Adria Schmedthorst, and were happy to take a moment and tell you a little more about ourselves so that you can get to know us. After all, if you’re going to work with someone, it’s important to feel comfortable and trust who you’re dealing with. We hope these insights can help you make a great decision in choosing us for your next marketing project.


I started my career as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1999, and ran my own private practice for 10 years. Treating my patients and talking to them about their concerns was the highlight of my day. I enjoyed helping them reach their personal health goals and many became long-time friends.

In 2009, we adopted our first daughter from Korea. I realized that, while the practice was thriving and business was great, I wanted more flexibility to spend time with my family. I decided to take my medical knowledge and patient care experience and, instead of helping patients directly, began to help the businesses who help patients.

Since that time, I’ve had the good fortune to work with companies in all aspects of healthcare, from alternative health to healthcare IT and medical devices. Later on, we were blessed with another little girl. I knew that making the transition to copywriting was the right choice for my family and me.


After graduating from ITT, I worked for GTE (Verizon) at their National Network Operations Center in Dallas, Texas. I enjoyed the people and the work, but I knew I needed to do more to create the life Adria and I really wanted. I found a mentor and mapped out a plan to create that lifestyle.

While working for Verizon in 2001, I started a private asset management firm that specialized in distressed debt and residential property. In 2003, I began training with Dr. Van Tharp, one of the world’s best trading and investment coaches. After 3 years of intense study, I added futures trading to the portfolio. I continued to manage the assets of Lily Capital Management, LLC until 2014, when I decided to follow Adria and pursue a writing career serving the financial marketplace.

A Client-Centered Team

Our specialized backgrounds, combined with the ability to weave a good story around that one Big Idea that leads to a direct call to action makes us an unbeatable team. For over 23 years, our marriage has centered on promise, persistence, and dedication to one another. As copywriters and marketing professionals, we bring this same level of commitment to you in delivering the content and copy you need.

Call or email today, and find out how AMS Copy can help you with all your copy and content needs!


What Our Clients Say

“I’ve worked with Adria several times and find she is responsive, hardworking, and she has great intuition about our projects. Adria has worked on a number of projects for different businesses that my team leads and, overwhelmingly, we find that she is “spot on” with her writing. Our technology can be complex and writing at the level required to highlight that technology can be challenging, but I find her background in health care as a provider gives her a great skill base to bring to projects. Would highly recommend Adria and will look forward to continuing our business relationship.” Donna Hadland, Medtronic

“When I heard the news that 20 people had signed up and more non-super traders than super traders, I was pretty surprised – stunned actually. Based on attendance at a few previous workshops, I wasn’t expecting much more than a dozen and thought that most would be super traders. I have no doubt that your great copy had a lot to do with it” Kim Andersson at the Van Tharp Institute

“Working with Adria is a pleasure. She is both professional and timely and she always wants to make sure she gets it right. I wouldn’t hesitate to utilize her expertise for any of my writing needs.” Josh Nelson at AllMed

“Wow. I really wasn’t expecting you to nail it in one, but you have. I love that you established your credentials early on and talked directly to the reader throughout. I don’t have any amendments.” Cleo Murphy from Walden Publishing

“You are a tremendous asset. You have such an “ease” in the way you write. Very refreshing! I’m thankful you’re so quick and GOOD!” – Kellye Copas, Managing Editor, Easy Health Options, Personal Liberty Media Group

“Adria is an excellent writer who delivers pieces on time (or ahead of time). She is very dependable and easy to work with. I appreciate her attention to detail and thoroughness. I’d gladly recommend her to anyone, and often have!” Lea Chatham, Editor-In-Chief, Getting Paid Blog, Kareo